Concept eLearning development

Type of Learning:

Employee onboarding, workforce development

Target Audience:



Notion, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Articulate Storyline 360

The Challenge

Companies need to onboard their new employees and want a creative way to provide an online experience. Most of the struggle has been how to structure the learning in a motivating, inspiring, and informative way.

Our Solution

This concept course explores how a company could provide a customized onboarding eLearning course for their employees. 

This course was designed to be customized based on the employee profile within the organization. Most importantly, the goals and growth plan allows the new hire to reflect on the company goals, departmental goals, and their own goals and create a plan to accomplish them.

After working hard on their goals, the new employee will be motivated to know their hard work will be recognized and rewarded. The benefits and bonuses page will allow them to explore the many benefits, discounts, and bonus structures they could take advantage of at the company. Lastly, they will have access to the employee resource groups to connect with other people within the organization or interest groups and quickly build a community of support.

First, the brand is prevalent throughout the course and is clean and modern, with the images of the product, employees, and offices shown along with the natural ground texture you would see in their marketing. Aligning with the brand shows how important it is to the company and how vital it is to their work.

Next, the learning structure follows the need to: make the new hire feel welcome to the company by the executive leaders, welcome them to the team they will work on and hear from the department leaders and go through the day in life in this role, introduce the culture and mission of the company, instill the company’s value of diversity and inclusion, ensure an understanding of the compliance and safety procedures, and provide the tools they need to start doing their job and reach their career goals.

The Results

This concept course only highlights how an employee onboarding course could look. With the partnership of a Learning Design Consultant, UX/ Visual Designer, and eLearning Developer, any organization like Allbirds could have a customized online learning experience for their new employees that would propel their career from day one.


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