Unconscious bias scenarios

Type of Learning:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Target Audience:



Scholar publications, reputable articles, and Apple apps

The Challenge

After finding success with Inclusion & Diversity workshops, an eLearning course, and toolkits, the Inclusion and Diversity team wanted to build off the momentum and create additional support for their engaged employees.

Our Solution

Learning Design Consulting was provided to a team of Inclusion and Diversity Experts. We established a long-term relationship to research and develop a database of scenarios that take place in the workplace, including micro-aggressions, stereotypes, in-group/out-group bias, and confirmation bias. Extensive scholarly research, conversations with leaders as well as attending employee forums and different employee resource groups events were a part of the discovery process.

The learning experience consisted of thought-provoking scenarios and questions, researched -based explanations on the impact unconscious bias make, and possible action employees can take to address it when it occurs. With the support of their internal development team and an external UX design team, we created an internal web application to provide the scenarios and research seamlessly. This application was created so that employees could facilitate workshops and conversations about biases that impacts their business and create a sense of belonging and inclusivity on their teams.

The Results

Once the development of the application was complete, the team was able to build awareness of unconscious bias by highlighting real-life employee scenarios. This tool is meant to help guide them in conversations that will shift their perspective and advocate for inclusiveness and ultimately tackle inclusion and diversity issues with confidence and realistic solutions.


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