City of Austin

How to do Business with the City of Austin

Type of Learning:

Product adoption and enablement, customer education

Target Audience:

Small business owners


Google Suite, Figma, Adobe After Effects and Audition, and In-studio recording equipment

The Challenge

The Purchasing Department of the City of Austin decided to transition from traditional instructor-led classroom training to provide an online learning experience for their vendors during the pandemic. They also wanted to support more business owners who wanted to go through the process of becoming a vendor on their own without needing to speak directly to a staff member at the City of Austin.

Our Solution

Through a partnership with Events Unleashed, we provided learning design consulting and transformed their existing content into a series of short self-paced video modules. Vendors can learn while in the flow of the process and apply the information immediately.

We went through the Discovery phase with their team to define their purpose and learning strategy.

  • Our Learning Designer interviewed a few of their existing vendors to understand their experience better and developed a user persona to define the audience.
  • The solution was defined and explained from our research in our recommendation strategy.

Our Learning Designer structured the learning objectives and content and worked with the SMEs to determine the content.

Our Copy Editor ensured the readability and removed any grammatical errors before the Voice-Over Narrator recorded the audio, and the Video Designer created the animated walk-through videos.

We partnered with a local video production company, Kimda, to provide in-studio video recording and editing of the executive talking about the purpose of the support and department leaders explaining what the modules are covering.

Along with the modularized learning, we collaborated with their team to update their web page with designs from our UX Designer and recommended an update to their user flow.

The Results

We provided an updated user flow, a website design to include an in-studio video from their executive, (2) introductions to their main topics, almost 30 modularized animated videos, and embedded on-demand videos throughout their setup process. This enhancement provides an online learning experience for their small business vendors and increases the number of business owners who become vendors with the City of Austin.


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