BBLA Athlete Program

LMS UI Customization

Type of Learning:

Customer education

Target Audience:

Black and Brown High school student athletes


Notion, Google Suite, Figma, and stock 3D illustrations

The Challenge

A recently established non-profit wanted to provide online learning experiences for underserved high school and college students who have a passion for sports but want to exceed academically and personally. The greater need was to provide a platform where the learning could take place, the students could connect to each other, and the instructor could track their progress and provide additional support.

Our Solution

We provided Learning Systems and Platform Support to determine the rightlearning system to use for their offering. By conducting research and acomparative and competitive analysis, we shortlisted learning managementsystems that fit their budget, number of users, and the specific features theywanted to include such as a leaderboard and badging system. The selected LMSfunctionality matched well with what they needed but customization was required.Our UX Designer created a user persona, mood board, site map, wireframes, and UIdesigns that provided an ideal learning system for their potential students.

The Results

With a user-friendly login, navigation, and comprehensive dashboard, participating students will be encouraged to learn through gamification, can cultivate connections through discussions, and track their progress and growth with this customized learning management system.


“Their expertise and insight in learning design allowed me to look at my approach differently. With thorough research and analysis, they were able to design the UI for our learning platform that fits the organization and the student needs.”

- Founder of BBLA

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