Learning content audit & strategy

Type of Learning:

Product adoption and enablement, customer education

Target Audience:

Startup founders and small business owners


Asana, Figma, Evolve, and Intellum

The Challenge

To increase the number of users and provide a better user experience, the founder of BOTS wanted to review their current efforts in educating their customers and review possible learning strategies they could offer. 

Our Solution

We worked directly with the founder and provided learning design consulting.

We reviewed the current learning environments of video tutorials to their documentation within the BOTS dashboard. We analyzed the resources and provided recommendations on their approach for better results.

We conducted a comparative and competitive analysis and researched the training support provided by their top competitors.

Then, we provided an in-depth learning strategy with a step-by-step approach, learning center mockup, and video structure to follow to be competitive and solidify their customer’s trust.

The Results

The learning content audit gave the organization the ability to identify gaps in their learning content and what has worked so far with their users. With an analysis of the market landscape, they were able to see what their competitors are doing right to ultimately provide their users with the best experience and support they need to fully use their platform successfully.


“I loved how in-depth and actionable the research was; I was able to really delve into what's working and what we can do to make our product better. The project helped illuminate several key areas we can improve upon, and since implementing those changes we're seeing better conversion rates of users completing the process of building their own chatbots. Antoinette and her team were great to work with; always clear on expectations and deliverables. Their work was thorough and extremely illuminating, and helped us up our game and improve our user experience.”

- Founder at BOTS

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