First-time Manager

Concept Learning App

Type of Learning:

Leadership development

Target Audience:

First-time Managers


Notion, Figma, Adobe Suite

The Challenge

When someone gets promoted or hired as a manager for the first time, they feel a flood of emotions ranging from being nervous to being excited. Most of the time, this person is an expert in their field and has years of experience being a team contributor and what they lack is the experience of being a people manager. They are looking for support internally and externally. The need to equip them for a smooth transition is imperative for their success and the success of the people they will manage.

Our Solution

We wanted to explore this concept and create the UI of an app specifically for first-time managers.

This app was designed for a first-time manager between 25-40 years old who works in a fast-paced environment like the tech industry or a startup. This user persona represents managers who have limited time for training and take advantage of the time commuting to work to learn through audiobooks and podcasts. We applied a blended learning approach with short interactive virtual workshops, eLearning courses, webinars, audiobooks, and podcasts for this reason. The learner also has the opportunity to connect with a mentor, select their learning goals, create a learning plan, and join communities to share information and learn from their peers.

If this was created for a client, we would provide learning design consulting and research the market to explore what resources and apps already exist for this audience.

Through team member interviews, we will learn about the experience of first-time managers and create a learner persona and learning strategy based on the findings.

Afterward, we would work with our UX/ Visual Designers to design a mood board, brand guideline, user map, wireframes, and low and high-fidelity designs.

The Results

With curated learning content in different modalities at their fingertips, first-time managers would be confident and knowledgeable in their role. Even though this app isn’t in the market, it could be a learning solution companies could implement internally to support their first-time managers.


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