Content Creators Program

Type of Learning:

Product adoption and enablement, customer education

Target Audience:

Black and Brown content creators


Asana, Figma, Evolve, and Intellum

The Challenge

Meta Elevate offers learning opportunities to amplify the voices of Black and Brown content creators, increase their digital marketing skills, and expand their reach online.

There was a need to create custom eLearning courses and promotional videos for this audience to ensure they have the skills needed to get started on Facebook and Instagram. 

Our Solution

Learning design consulting & eLearning Development were provided to the Business Education team to customize existing content for Black and Brown creators through a series of eLearning courses and promotional videos.

Our consultant worked closely with their Team Lead to map out the course, manage the project, and ensure a timely launch that met the organizational goals.

The consultant worked with several product managers and stakeholders to ensure accuracy when describing the features and processes relating to Facebook Page, Instagram Creator Account, and Creator Studio. 

After reviewing use cases and providing a detailed storyboard, the consultant:

  • Worked with their Creative Team to design all of the media assets
  • Worked with their Editorial Team to incorporate their brand guidelines
  • Developed the courses within their authoring tool
  • Prepared the content so their SEO and LMS team could publish the courses and videos in their learning management system.

The consultant also worked with their Video Designer and Marketing Team to write the script and provide direction for videos to promote the eLearning courses.

The Results

With the release of these courses and promotional videos, the Elevate team can provide the basis for how content creators can get started using their products and engage their audiences. Content creators are valuable to the company. By supporting them with free learning resources and ways to grow, the company solidifies its commitment to the users who drive engagement on their platforms.


“Our consultant was such a great partner to work with and I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone! She was flexible, communicative, and expressed great learning design skills. The consultant was super proactive and didn't need my assistance working with stakeholders or our internal teams. This was so helpful and a super important trait for me. She is so easy and enjoyable to work with and I hope we get to partner together again soon. ”

- Global Learning Design Lead

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