Riot Games

Manager’s Guide to Career Coaching Conversations

Type of Learning:

Workforce development, employee education, leadership development for managers

Target Audience:

Frontline to Senior Managers


Notion, Figma, Adobe Suite, Google Suite, Articulate Storyline, Vyond, Custom coding (Html, CSS, and Javascript)

The Challenge

To enable Managers to have tough conversations with their direct reports about career growth, the Learning team at Riot Games wanted to create a different learning experience to positively change their employee's outlook on opportunities for advancement at the company.

Our Solution

Learning design consulting & eLearning Development were provided to the Learning team to design and develop a custom self-paced eLearning course with a downloadable action plan. Our team worked together simultaneously to bring their project vision to life within a month and a half timeframe.

We worked closely with the Learning Manager to develop the KPI success metrics, understand the audience, and gather the content.

Our Learning Design consultant developed the learning objectives and outcomes and created the detailed design document and storyboard.

Our Illustrators designed custom assets to use throughout the learning.

Our Animator designed custom animated videos using a rapid development tool their team used to conceptualize different conversation scenarios for the learner.

Our UX/ Visual Designer created the style and designed the scenes of the course based on their branding guidelines.

Our eLearning Developer took all of the created assets and developed the course using custom code to collect all of the answers from the learners. The learner downloads an action plan at the end of the course with the answers they provided throughout the course in order to have a more productive conversation with their direct report.

Lastly, we worked with the Manager and the LMS team to test the course and ensured that it ran without errors in the learning management system.

The Results

The learning KPI for this project was to have 80% of their staff respond favorably to “Opportunities for Advancement” on a company-wide evaluation in the coming year. With the support from this learning experience, we know that Managers can have tough conversations about career growth, and their staff will be comfortable about the opportunities ahead.


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